No Success without SACRIFICE

Have we ever thought as to why always the Saints request us to sacrifice? Well, they do so because ‘Sacrifice’ only is the most fruitful way to success. Through sacrifice we can weed away our own faults and bad intentions.

All of us strive to attain knowledge but most of us tend to forget that we have to pay a price for it. Whatever little or more we have, we must share it, be it money, food, knowledge, faith, principles, trust, love, devotion, time, physical effort- in return we are sure to receive a million times back.

Gautam Buddha forsake his royal throne, Mahatma Gandhi left his prestigious post of a barrister. But, they got much more than what they had relinquished. The renowned poet, Rabindranath Tagore has cited in one of his compositions, ” He spread his hands in front of me and begged for food. I had only one grain of food in my bag and I happily gave it to him. In the evening I was astonished to see a grain of gold in my satchel. I wept badly and repented-Why didn’t I donate my entire being, I would have become a King from a pauper.”

Akhand Jyoti March 1940 pg-9