The Miraculous Workings of the Subtle System of Human Body


The visible structure and functioning of the human body are wonderful in themselves. More peculiar are its inherent, imperceptible and subtle aspects. A mysterious and all-powerful world of electromagnetic waves and neurochemicals is hidden inside this system. A comprehensive approach incorporating the macromolecular, micro-subtler and consciousness levels will be required for a complete decipheration of the complexity and marvelous functioning of this system. In simple terms, integration of material based scientific research and the science of consciousness and its extrasensory powers alone can lead to a complete understanding of the origin, structure, functioning and enormous potential of the human being. The philosophy and science of yoga and spirituality invented by our Rishis (Indian Sages, scientists and yogis of Vedic Age) guide us on the way to achieve this.

Here, we highlight some aspects pertaining to bioelectricity and electro-physiology in the present context.

Our body, with this bioelectrical property, functions like a dipole magnet whose North Pole resides in the central brain and South Pole in the center of the genital organs. Scientists claim that its polarization process is similar to the polarization of the earth and that it begins right at the level of a zygote. Mitotic and meiotic divisions occur after this polarization. An electro-sensitive micron-image processing of even a child’s body can show the halo of light – emitted by etheric dense spots – near the brain and genital organs. The North and South poles of the bioelectric magnet of human body match respectively with the term ‘ Sahastr³ra ’ (the crownchakra , nucleus of extrasensory energy in the central reticular activating system) andM¿l³dh³ra (in central genital organ) as referred in the description of ‘ Kuñdilinº ’ (galaxy of supernormal vital spiritual energy) in esoteric science. Sahastr³ra and M¿l³dh³ra are described as the terminal points for the subtle energy and information processing inside the body’s universe.

Dr. Harold Saxton Burr (1889-1973) was a Professor at the School of Medicine, Yale University, USA , when he experimentally demonstrated the electrical characteristics of living system. His papers (with CT Lane and others) on “The Electro-Dynamic Theory of Life” gave new directions of understanding of cellular functions. Describing the “L-fields: the fields of life” in his book Blueprint for Immortality (Neville Spearman, 1972), he writes that the high magnitude of the electro-potential difference between the two poles of a Zygote is amazing. This bio-electromagnetic property naturally has an important role to play in the multi-cellular development of this single cell into a whole human body. In fact, sperm itself is a dipole in which the upper pole –– carrying the nucleus –– is the center of information and the lower pole, the tail, contains energy for transmitting this information. These poles ultimately perform the roles of RNA and DNA in the cell.

The continuous and controlled flows of electric currents between the involved cellular dipoles play the key role in embryogenesis and the complete development of the body. According to Dr. Jean Mark (Science, Issue 1 in 1981) electrophoresis is fundamental to various cellular processes occurring inside the body. Even the circulating RBC s and WBC s rely on electro-secretions through their membranes.

Maximum work on electrophysiology that led to life-saving device-development is focused at the cardiac pacemaker and conducting tissues, which control the pumping action of the heart. On basic research fronts, electrophysiological phenomena have also been studied microscopically in the spinal cord and connecting sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglions. Transport of calcium ions across the cell membranes is found to be responsible for the bio-electromagnetic properties of the cells. The extrasensory subtle energy channel – the SuÌumn³ N³Ãº – is hidden deep inside the spinal cord along side of which – on the left and right – lie the two sublime channels of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ currents of vital energy. The poles – at the two ends of this channel – of the ‘circuit’ of bioelectrical and biomagnetic flows have remarkable resemblances with those of the Geomagnetic Force.

Geomagnetic Vs Human Body Poles:

The terrestrial magnetic lines of force enter through the geo-north pole of the earth and exit from the geo-south pole. The reception and transmission of cosmic rays is also most effective at these poles. The charged high-speed solar rays are always concentrated at the receiving center (North Pole) and are dispersed at the exit (South Pole). Geomagnetic South Pole plays the exit door also for the heat and pollution gathered at the Geomagnetic North Pole. These examples are cited to explain the importance of polarization stored in our body too. The successive development and control of the two poles in human body result in the external appearance of the Tejovalay (Aura) at the upper pole.

The spinal cord is like a connecting wire that transmits bioelectric power transmission from the central nervous system to all sensory organs within a thousandth part of a second. The spinal cord is made up of collagen tissues constituted by the compact assembly of stable protein molecules. The upper end of this cord (of nerves) is charged positively while the lower end is charged negatively. In terms of the tissue-structure this cord forms a coiled cluster at the lower end and spreads at the upper end to form an elliptical surface as the reticular activating system in the brain. Body’s immense electrical energy is centrally stored at this place. Due to its hidden storage and nullification due to opposite charges it is usually difficult to measure the electric fields by electroencephalography. This is the reason why EEG is considered to represent only about 13% of the entire brain-functions.

In Indian Scriptures on Yoga, these electrical fields and the center of the Pineal-Hypothalamus-Pituitary system of neuronal transmissions is termed the Brahmrandhra and the Sahastr³ra . This crown chakra is described to be the extrasensory ‘source’, which receives the cosmic signals and subtle transmissions from the universe. Under proper spiritual training, the desired supernatural powers could be received through this end and the evil effects could be discarded through the M¿l³dhara (the lower pole). The quality and extent of the reception of cosmic-energy currents at the upper end (the Brahmrandhra and Sahastr³ra) of the dipole magnet of spinal cord depends upon the mental and spiritual level of the person.

The way the cosmic rays are received by the geo-north pole of the earth and the waste thereafter is thrown out through the geo-south pole is similar to the subtle process of the reception of cosmic signals at the upper end ( Sahastr³ra Chakra ) of the SuÌumn³ N³Ãº and exit (after necessary absorption and processing at other extrasensory energy nuclei – the remaining chakras ) of the unused part through the lower end (the M¿l³dh³ra Chakra ). In Indian scriptures on Yoga and KuñÃalinº , the M¿l³dhara is described as a deep pond and theSahastr³ra as profound mountain allegorically likened with the Kailash peak of the great Himalayas; the conformity and union of the two chakras ( M¿l³dhara and Sahastr³ra ) is considered to cause eternal bliss of the complete merger of the individual self ( Âtm³ ) into the ultimate, infinite Supreme Self ( Parm³tm³ ).

At the Sahastr³ra , the cosmic rays form the aura ( Tejovalaya ) specific to the consciousness and vital energy of the receiving person. One might ask whether it is possible to photograph or record this aura of vital energy at the upper pole of spinal cord like the visual recording of different features of polar spectrum at the terrestrial North Pole. Will this aura resemble the sort of bright sphere (halo of light) picturised in the different images of gods and goddesses in ancient books? The answer to these questions is affirmative as published in the two volumes of ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind Iron Curtain’ and in other references cited in earlier articles, in Akhand Jyoti on topics covering the micro-subtler effects. Kirlian Photographic techniques have made it possible to record the aura (halo of light). Dr. Narendran, a neurologist at the Madras Medical College is reported to have recorded the vital energy zones (halo of light) around other parts of the body including the fingers. The Kirlian technique of sensing and recording of micro-ionic energy spheres of subtle form is a remarkable scientific achievement after the development of Thermograms and Electromagnetograms in recent decades.

According to Bioenergy researchers like Dr. Narendran, the intensity of aura (the halo of light) around one’s body increases with vital energy. It exists even in inanimate matter and in plants and trees but is difficult to be photographed due to its low intensity. For measuring the aura in normal human beings a ‘high-voltage projection recording’ is done using a modified version of Dr. Kirlian’s instrument (original design developed in 1939). Researchers in this field opine that the measurement of aura and the analysis of its spectra would be useful in understanding the mental state of the patients and would therefore add to the psychosomatic means for diagnosis and management of diseases. According to them, the knowledge about this new branch of science exists since ages but was misinterpreted due to unscientific practices of Mesmerism, Holography etc.

Using the dicyanine screen Dr. Kirlian had shown that the distribution of ions in the atmosphere surrounding our body is affected by the number of dead cells being disposed off through the skin-pores and the extent and rate of cell decay is associated with the level of bio-energy; hence a relation between the aura (visualized due to ionic zone) and the vital energy. He mentions (ref. Book entitled ‘Human Atmosphere’) that due to their tiny structures the charged-particles in the aura remain invisible; however, people with supernatural powers can see and measure (`read’) the aura.

The present state of investigations in this area indicates the beginning of a collaborative research in physical and spiritual sciences. Further information on the ‘physical’ properties of `aura’ will successively be published in the Hindi magazine Akhand Jyoti.

Complete knowledge about the subtle mechanisms of the living system will help unveil the mystery of the universe. This in turn will increase our faith in the supreme powers of its creator and hence in humanity in the truest sense. The Sukïmºkaraña S³dhan³ (Spiritual experiment of subtlization and magnification of life-energy) is a consistent and phased process of the realization, unification, expansion and transmutation of the individual consciousness into the supreme universal soul.

As the modern science would proceed to know more about the subtle mechanisms of the living-system within us, it will become clearer that the power of consciousness is far more superior to that of matter. Integration of Science with Spirituality will one day brighten the knowledge of the science of s³dhan³ and motivate each one of us to follow this preeminent science and practice it for divine transmutation in this very body.

Source – AWGP