Eight-Fold Path of the Buddha

  1. Blessed are they who understand That Life is One. Its “forms” do come and go: But Life itself floweth on!

    RIGHT VIEW (Samyak drishti)

  2. Blessed are they who resolve That they will build the strength To lessen suffering and pain And attain to Wisdom pure!

    RIGHT RESOLVE(Samyak sankalpa)

  3. Blessed are they who speak In sympathy and gently to all, Who do away with bitter words And never speak in anger or in hate!

    RIGHT SPEECH (Samyak vak)

  4. Blessed are they who rightly act and put away all thought of gain, Who know that motive is the deed And who, renouncing power, are pure, indeed!

    RIGHT EFFORT (Samyak Prayatna)

  5. Blessed are they who earn Their daily bread in such a way That brings not hurt nor pain To living creatures on the Earth!

    RIGHT LIVELIHOOD (Samyak ajiva)

  6. Blessed are they who cast Out ill-will and pride in daily life And act obedient to the Law In sympathy and love!

    RIGHT ACTION (Samyak karmanta)

  7. Blessed are they who walk the Way, Aware by night and day that life is sacred still! They strive for Peace: and ever before them shine The noble Truths of life!

    RIGHT MINDFULNESS (Samyak smriti)

  8. Blessed are they who meditate In silent joy and see how rich, indeed, Is the life of compassion, Service, Love! Radiant as the Lamp of Light is such a life!


Thus taught the Blessed One, moving from town to town and village to village, teaching men and women the Way of Deliverance the Way of Peace, Compassion and Illumination.

Souce – AWGP