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Some Thoughts on Religion and Spirituality

  • Spirituality is the science of consciousness; and religion is the art of living.

  • Spirituality is the ‘knowledge’ aspect of creation; and religion is the ‘activity’ aspect of it.

  • Spirituality is idealism; and religion is the method of imbibing it in real life.

  • Spirituality leads to self-realization; and religion shows the way to attain it.

  • The focus of spirituality is the Supreme Spirit; and that of religion is the individual soul.

  • Religion is the sadhana (ritualistic modes / methods / traditions) of uplifting the human consciousness. The ultimate aim of all the methods of sadhana is same.

  • Religion is a sky which is open to all to fly in their own way irrespective of caste, color, creed, nationality, etc.

Those, who know the essence of spirituality and follow the righteous path of religion, are sure to achieve the boons of peace and prosperity at the individual level; and contribute to social harmony at large.

– Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Enlightened Faith is the Need of the Hour


We are living in one of the most crucial periods of history, when humanity is passing through a momentous inner churning and transition into a new era of unitary consciousness. The voices of unrest, the sighs of disappointment, which we see throughout the entire world, demand a revolutionary change in our outlook and behavior, exemplifying the noblest ideals of humanity understanding, compassion, mutual sharing and caring. If we do not consciously live these noble virtues and resolutely throw out of our psyches the devils of hatred, anger, avarice, etc, we will be committing collective suicide. We have acquired enough knowledge to create a great civilization and a bright future, but have not gained enough wisdom to apply this knowledge for the good of all. In the form of ideals, thoughts and principles, we have the rich treasures of the ages, but lack the wisdom, foresight and will to put them into practice.

Our achievements in terms of fathoming and discovering the underlying principles of nature and its workings are mind-boggling, but we need more earnestness, nobility, courage and discipline to harness them for positive ends. Man is in agonizing search of the purpose of his life which is enlightened awareness of his identity with the immutable and eternal Supreme substratum of the cosmic foam and flux of creation. Despite all our material progress, the degree of insecurity, the worthlessness and futility of life that we experience today were never felt by the preceding generations because of an all-pervading loss of faith in our Divine origin. Such a firm faith has ever been the force that kept common people dedicated to nobility and goodwill.

Lack of such a living and unwavering faith is the root cause of our plight. What we need today is an all-encompassing faith in Divinity for the entire humanity, to which all existing religions can make their contributions. We direly need such a redeeming and unifying faith; otherwise our very existence as a species is in mortal peril. Let us listen to the wakeup call of the scriptural admonishment What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?